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Hamilton Minibus

We would like to welcome you to Hamilton Minibus Hire, the leading provider of quality minibuses and coaches all over Hamilton. Ar you in search of ample transfer services in Hamilton for you, your family, colleagues or friends? Then call s immediatly and allow us to handle all your transport problems.

Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, a happy night out with friends or a formal event, Hamilton Minibus hire is here to serve you. We have fr over a decade now, worked hard to improve our transport services, throughout all areas of Hamilton. Yes, you can truest Hamilton Minibus Hire has the required experience, to facilitate a stress-free journey to wherever you wisht travel in Hamilton.

Cold it be a hen and stags night that you are organizing? Maybe it is a baby shower somewhere in the city. Whether it is a church group retreat or children's event, call Hamilton Minibus Hire company and we will sort you out. There is no other company, all over Hamilton that can match our class, customer care, experience and quality of service.

Our drivers are fully capable, to ensure that you travel safely, to wherever you want to go in Hamilton. From interesting attractions sites like the Hamilton Mausoleum , Low Parks Museum, the Hamilton Park Racecource, Vhatelherault, David Livingstone Centrem, the Cadzow castle, the Battlefield House, Bothwellhaugh Roman Fort and Cambulsang Public Park to the residential areas Trust ust to safely take you anywhere you wish to go in Hamilton.

As for our fleet, you can be sure of a wide selection of fit vehicles. Hamilton Minibus Hire is the only transfer firm in this region that can offer you such a huge variety of notable vehicles for hire. We are a company dedicated to providing our customers with ample travels, to all locations and events within Hamilton.

 Even if you wish to travel to and fro the airport, you can be assured that you will arrive safely and on time to your flight. Contact us whenever you need to travel in Hamilton, and we will provide the perfect solution within mintes!

Vehicles used by the company

Here at Hamilton Minibus Hire, we have an ample variety of vehicles to suit all our customers' needs. Please, allow us to transfer you wherever you wish to go, with our top-notch car selection.

We understand how annoying it can be to hire a vehicle only to find out that the ventilation is not working and the seats do not recline. We have worked hard to ensure that all our vehicles are in great condition to facilitate a safe journey throughout Hamilton. Regardless of the terrain, weather or location, Hamilton Minibus Hire will provide you with the exact vehicle that you need.

Please contact us if you need any vehicle for all travels across Hamilton. Give us a chance to transport you in our very classy, sleek and well-maintained selection of vehicles. Here is more detailed information about the type of vehicles that Hamilton Minibus Hire has to offer.

Iveco 16 -seater minibus

The Iveco is a powerful car, fir for up to 16 persons. Trust us to provide a well-kept fleet of Iveco 16 -seaters, that will suit your every small-group travel needs.

The Iveco 16 seaters have two different door types and come with a variety of seating layouts. Our Iveco's are in wonderful condition, from ventilation to the floor. Be sure that you will experience a hassle-free journey, wherever you want to go in Hamilton.

The Iveco 16 seater is very spacious, with enough headroom so that you can sit and move comfortably. If you hire one of our Iveco 16-seaters to transfer you and your friends, you can be sure to arrive on time, feeling comfortable and relaxed. The leg room is quite adequate, so that you can travel relaxed and arrive without any muscle tension or cramping.

Advanced technology in all of our Iveco 16-seaters is installed to ensure that your journey is as convenient as possible. our Ivecos have destination display boards, advanced music systems, perfect seats and functional ventilation and heating systems.

As a company, we are especially keen on safety. Therefore, be assured that all our Ivecos are well-fitted with safety features on the seats, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Under the acre of our highl;y qualified drivers, you and your paty will have a wonderfully memorable journey, no matter your destination in Hamilton.

Please contact Hamilton Minibus Hire today, for quality, safe and convenient travels in any of our Iveco 16-seater minibuses. Our drivers will e glad to take to your desired location in Hamilton, anytime.

Ford-Transit 12-16 seater minibus

Are you planing for a party for 12 to 16 of your friends, family or colleagues? Hamilton Minibus Hire is here to ensure that you arrive to all your destination in class, with out Ford Transits. Be it a birthday party, a formal event, a hen and stags night, a nights out, a bachelorette party, a baby shower or a church group retreat, you can be sure of a safe journey in our Ford Transits.

Will you drive yourself or you will allow one for very skilled drivers to transfer you? No marrer who us behind the wheel, have confidence that all our Ford-Transit 12 seaters are in befitting state. It is amazing, all the features that our Ford Transits can offer.

For one, the free-hand technology enables users to control music and make or receive calls on their mobile phones using voice commands. You can use your voice to control what kind of songs are playing on your USB, iPod or Bluetooth compatible phone. You should know that the advanced system can even read your text messages out loud, so that you dont have to miss out o important Messages when driving.

Please contact Hamilton Minibus Hire today, for quality, safe and convenient travels in any of our Ford-Transit 12-seater minibuses. Our drivers will be glad to take to your desired location in Hamilton, anytime.

Mercedes 8 and 16 seater minibus standard

Are you planning a brief trip across Hamilton? Or is it a long-distance journey to a certain destination. Maybe you are organizing a day trip. full of sight-seeing in Hamilton. Well, Hamilton Minibus Hire has the Mercedes 8 and 16 seater minibusses standard for you to hire.

The Mercedes sprinter is a robust car, that commands a presence with it sleekness and class. The Mercedes provides transfer space for small groups of people, who want to travel in an airy and unrestricted environment.

Whether you are driving yourselves or one of our drivers is behind the wheel, you can be sure that the sprinter is comfortable, attractive and economical. For you and your group of friends, the sprinter will offer nothing less of a stress-free journey to your Hamilton destination.

Our Mercedes standard version is just as VIP-like as the executive version. What we mean is that you will receive jet-set selection of vehicles to choose from, even in the standard hire version. Hamilton Minibus Hire company has the perfect variety of 8 and 16 seater Mercedes minibus, to facilitate a convenient, timely and easy trip across Hamilton.

Are you searching for a sleek-looking but powerful vehicle to transfer you and your group of family, colleagues and friends? Then please contact Hamilton Minibus and hire any of our perfect-conditioned Mercedes sprinters. We guarantee you that they all are fully equipped with safety gear and extra-comfort and entertainment features.

The Renault 16-seater

Might you be organizing a day trip around Hamilton? Is it your birthday and you are wondering how you and your guests will transit from one venue to the other? Could you be planning a wedding and are not sure about the transport aspect of that memorable day? Contact Hamilton Minibus Hire today and hire any one of our very well-maintained Renault 16 seaters.

Hamilton Minibus Hire has, for over a decade now, provided the people in Hamilton with clean and ample 16 seaters.

The seating is comfortable and safe. Be sure to arrive relaxed, seated on the comfortable, reclining leather seats. The doors are fully functional, to eliminate any jamming throughout your trip in Hamilton.

Are you the type to pack a lot during travels? Then, Hamilton Minibus Hire is a brilliant choice. Have confidence that there is sufficient storage space to make sure that you and all your luggage is stored safely, and without incurring any damage.

All our vehicles are sufficiently checked as safety policies dictate. Also, our drivers are sufficiently trained to notice any defects and fix them, without you experiencing any trouble.

Are you looking for a quality transfer vehicle for you and your friends? Then please contact Hamilton Minibus Hire today for a fresh-looking, spunky and efficient Renault vehicle. We will get back to you within minutes with enough information and guidance on booking our Renaults.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-seater standards

Might you be organizing an event and want to transfer people in groups of 16? Contact Hamilton Minibus Hire today and we will surely provide you with any7 of our Volkswagen Crafter 16-seaters.

For over 15 years, Hamilton Minibus Hire has provided our customers with great quality Volkswagen crafters. The Volkswagen crafter is a well-known world-class German-built rear wheel-drive vehicle.

All our Volkswagen crafters are well-fitted with wheelchair accessibility features so that every person can comfortably get in and get off the vehicle. What’s more, our Volkswagen crafters are fitted with flat floors to eliminate the saloon wheel boxes, so that both seat and wheelchair occupants can travel hassle-free. You can reach the wheelchair access through the internal and under door tail lift.

Are you looking for a vehicle to transfer you and 15 other of your friends and family? Why don’t you contact Hamilton Minibus Hire and book any one of our Volkswagen crafters. Be sure that all our Volkswagen crafters are in perfect condition to fit all your transport needs.


With Hamilton minibus hire, you have the opportunity to see and visit the beautiful sights in Hamilton like the Hamilton Gardens and other attractions in the central North Island.

Plan your next vacation in Hamilton and don’t forget to hire Hamilton minibus

Our services are quite affordable. See below some reasons why our customers love us:

Customer care

You can reach us anytime to hire a minibus in Hamilton. We have an exceptional customer care team that is always willing to help you. Get in touch with these amazing team via email, phone or live chat.


We provide you with various opportunities to go anywhere you want. You can call us anytime you want. The choice is yours.

No extra charges

We do not charge any extra fee when book our services via our website.

Driving tips in Hamilton

Hamilton is surrounded by a lot of attractions. From Hamilton, you can get to Matamata in just 45 minutes. Matamata is the location where the famous movie, Lord of the Rings was shot. You can learn more about this location by going through our travel guide.

Hamilton is also an hour and a half away from Auckland. This gives you free access to the largest city in New Zealand. Driving to Hamilton airport will take about 20minutes. This, however, depends on traffic. You have the option of hiring a car from one of car rental services at the airport.

When is the best time to visit Hamilton?

You can visit Hamilton anytime in the year. Hamilton has wonderful sights that you can visit irrespective of the weather condition or period of the year.

Hamilton Minibus Hire has vast experience in offering quality transportation services to various residents in the UK. Most of our customers always call us again after a first experience with us. Our customers can admit to the fact that our services are exceptional. You really cannot compare our services to any other company as we give you only the best.

  • Our customer support team is superb
  • Highly effective vehicles
  • Polite and sociable drivers
  • Affordable charges
  • Exceptional technology
  • Easy online booking system

You can easily afford our services as they are arguably the cheapest. The affordability of our services does not in any way affect the quality. We ensure that our minibuses and coaches are highly maintained. We purchase modern vehicles in a bid to ensure that you are comfortable all through your journey with us. Our affordability, however, makes us very attractive to a lot of customers.

Our drivers are professional, courteous and have the required license to drive any kind of vehicle. Our drivers are well trained in the art of customer service.

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