Our Fleet

We have a large variety of vehicles in our fleet. These vehicles are equipped to handle any kind of climatic condition. They also come with entertainment systems as well as maximum space and comfortable seats. Our vehicles can serve those with disabilities. We can also provide security seats for children if you need one.

8 Seater Minibus Hire

This comes with air conditioning, entertainment and GPS. Other features include- good seat pitch, sufficient space for the legs as well as an area for hand luggage. Our 8 seater minibus can take between 8 and 12 persons and is very suitable for airport transfers. They are also quite presentable both inside and outside.

12 Seater Minibus Hire

This car is big enough for your wedding transportation. It comes with sufficient space and air-conditioning to ensure that you and your guest get to your wedding venue without stress.

14 Seater Standard Hire

With this vehicle, you can pick up any important personnel from the airport. It comes with plenty space for luggage. It also comes with a lot of elbow room to ensure that your guests get to their destination in one piece.

16 Seater Standard Hire

This vehicle will give you the opportunity to have a wonderful night. It can conveniently take you and your group to any location. You can use this for your sport teams, church groups or school groups.

16 Seater Executive Hire

Comes with extremely comfortable seats made with leather, DVD and CD players, and air condition. Smaller groups can use this vehicle for their outings.

The unique part of this vehicle is that it can be used for any kind of trip or event- airport transfers, weddings, business trips, conference visits, etc.

24 Seater Bus Hire

This car can easily take small groups in church or school going on a one day trip within the country. It comes with air condition and seats that won’t your legs ache even if you have to sit for a long time.

33 Seater Bus Hire

With this vehicle, you have no need to worry about cost as it is affordable. It gives you and your group the opportunity to embark on that trip you have always wanted. Our drivers will ensure that you get to your destination safely. You are free to go on a long or short trip. We have drivers that can handle any kind of trip.

49 Seater Coach Hire  

This is suitable for medium sized groups of about 49 persons. It comes with aircondition and comfortable seats as well luggage space and entertainment to ensure that you are amused when you have to go on long trips.

If you need a coach for as much as 72 persons, we are here for you. Feel free to reach out to us as we have coaches that can take large groups to any event.

We are unarguably the very best as our rates are quite affordable and our services are top notch.

Here at Hamilton Minibus Hire, we have an ample variety of vehicles to suit all our cstomers' needs. Please, allow us to transfer you wherever you wish to go, with our top-notch fleet of vehicles.

We understand how annoying it can be to hire a vehicle, only to find out that the ventilation is not working and the seats do not recline. There is also the problem of legroom and headroom space, all which are thoroughly important for a relaxed journey.

First of all, all our vehicles have attained the required standard, as set by transport authority bodies and the local government. Yes, to match our international-levelled services, we have a grand collection of vehicles, just to ensure that you and your party travel comfortably and safely, to wherever you wish to go in Hamilton.

Trust us, we are the leading minibus hire company in Hamilton for a reason. All the vehicles in our fleet are in splendid state, meaning you will arrive in sleekness and elegance like no other. From the floors to the ceilings, all our vehicles are well fitted with all the necessary safer equipment and even extra features just to spice up our travel.

We are a progressive transport company, meaning all our vehicles are modern, fit with the best of the best features of advanced technology. From voice command features to wheelchair accessibility, you can rest assured that all vehicles at Hamilton Minibus Hire are befitting for all people.

 We have worked hard to ensure that all our vehicles are in great condition to facilitate a safe journey throughout Hamilton. Regardless of the terrain, weather or location, Hamilton Minibus Hire will provide you with the exact vehicle that you need.

Please contact us if you need any vehicle for all travels across Hamilton. Give us a chance to transport you in our very classy, sleek and well-maintained selection of vehicles. Here is more detailed information about the type of vehicles that Hamilton Minibus Hire has to offer.


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